Suitcase Gift Boxes Wholesale

Suitcase Gift Boxes Wholesale

the Features of Suitcase Gift Boxes Wholesale

Suitcase gift box wholesale series is the most speciality product of our family. Especially for newborn children's storage boxes, children's travelling cardboard boxes, and suitcase gift boxes and so on. Our heartfelt design and careful production make them not only win the recognition of wholesalers, but also the preference of a large number of end-users.

Why Wholesale Cardboard Suitcase Boxes From Us

Premium Suitcase Gift Boxes at Wholesale Prices

For our Suitcase Gift Boxes, the price is very competitive and the minimum order quantity is very low. Meanwhile, free samples of Suitcase Gift Boxes are provided and you only need to pay the shipping cost.

Support All Kinds of Customised Wholesale Cardboard Suitcase Boxes

Whether it is vintage style or modern style, we can design and customise on cardboard suitcase boxes for you. This includes the printing of various patterns and the matching of metal accessories such as handles and zips. In addition, we can also customise wholesale cardboard suitcase boxes in various sizes.

Mini Suitcase Gift Box Wholesale Collection

Our mini suitcase gift box wholesale collection is ideal for those looking for compact packaging that makes a big impression. These little charmers are perfect for wedding favors, corporate gifts, or boutique products. Despite their size, they pack a punch in design and quality, making every gift unforgettable.

Common questions and answers.


Can I order customized designs on suitcase gift boxes?
Absolutely. We offer a range of customization options for our suitcase gift boxes, including size, color, and printed designs.
Our cardboard suitcase boxes are available in a variety of sizes from mini to large, ensuring you'll find the right fit for your product.
Yes, we provide competitive discounts on our mini suitcase gift boxes when ordered in wholesale quantities.
Our suitcase gift boxes are crafted from high-quality paper and cardboard materials, designed for durability and a premium feel.
Delivery times vary based on order size and customization details. Contact us for an estimated timeline for your wholesale order.

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