Introducing our stylish Cardboard Suitcase Box with Handle, perfect for wholesale orders. Crafted from high-quality paperboard, these sturdy boxes ensure easy portability and provide a charming solution to conquer clutter while maintaining a tidy and organized space.

Key Features:

- Chic Design: The sky-blue hue adds a touch of sophistication to these paperboard boxes, making them an attractive storage solution.

- Generous Size: Fully customize any size that is yours, these boxes are ideal for storing important things.

- Beautiful Patterns: Featuring a delightful bird of paradise pattern in feminine pink and blue, these boxes are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

- Versatile Storage: Whether it's baby clothing in a closet, receipts in an office, or hair accessories in the bathroom, these boxes are versatile enough to keep various items neatly organized.

- Memorable Keepsakes: Safely store mementos like postcards, photos, and greeting cards, preserving cherished memories in style.

- Perfect Gift: Make organizing fun for the little ones! These boxes are a wonderful gift for kids to store their odds and ends.

Packaging Details:

Each wholesale order includes a 1 x Cardboard Suitcase Box with a Handle, offering a delightful and practical solution for all your storage needs.

Enhance your space with these charming and functional suitcase gift paper boxes, adding a touch of joy to every corner of your life.

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